Why Dragons Rugby Club?


There are many great junior rugby clubs in Singapore, but Dragons is special. It is run a club, community and family. You will be joining something that will become a big part of yours and your children's lives. Dragons is unique in the way it is run and by the people that willingly give up their time and energy into turning it into to the amazing club you will find on your first visit.


But hey don't just take our word for it, hear what our head coach Craig Norwood (below) has to say, and come along to the next training session, we look forward to seeing you there.


Well, first Rugby is the greatest game in the world, so why wouldn't you give it a go. Dragons Rugby tries to provide a safe and inclusive environment that gives kids of all ages, sizes and abilities the chance to shine. Our coaching philosophy is to give kids the skills and passion to play rugby for life! We are a completely run as volunteer club so it is mums and dads giving up their spare time to give kids a similar opportunity they had. We fully support coaching development and arrange courses and training opportunities for all coaches where possible.


Most importantly (after safety) is we want kids to have FUN! To walk off the field hugging their mates with smiles on their faces. This is what Dragons strives for week after week.


Beginners are welcome and we will quickly get you out on the field to give it a go. Older kids who are already playing contact (tackle) rugby will be given special attention to get them the skills to protect themselves and others before putting them in dangerous situations.


Girls and boys are welcome as teams can be mixed for whoever wants to play. We do not have "girls only" at this time, but if you are interested in this we can help give contacts for clubs that do.


Safety is an absolute priority. We have first aid trained personnel onsite and when matches are being held, we have qualified medics present at the pitch side.We have first aid equipment including an AED (defibrillator) present at every training sessions. Mouth-guards are compulsory, NO MOUTH-GUARD - NO PLAY!


The basics:

  • Teams train for 1 - 1 ½ hours on a Saturday afternoon at UWC East in Tampines
  • We begin with U5 and go all the way through to U17
  • Year groups are based on the age you will turn that year. eg if you are turning 10 in 2017 you will be in the U10 (see individual team pages to find out more)
  • Kids can play up or down an age group depending on size and ability


The season:

  • Runs from January to December with a break of 2 months in the middle for school holidays.


First half of the year:

  • Focused is on JRCS (Junior Rugby Clubs of Singapore) League which runs from Feb to June.
  • There are local and overseas tournaments, (Hong Kong and Malaysia), which are amazing experience for boys and parents alike. Great team bonding and lots of fun.


Second half of the year:

  • Club focus is on training and improving skills in preparation for next year JRCS. There will be friendly matches arranged with other clubs in Singapore.
  • Nearing the end of the year there are tournaments at Tanglin (15 aside), Centaurs (10 aside) and SCC (7 aside) providing the boys a great opportunity to show off the skills they are developing in a competitive environment; and in the different formats the game is played in


More on JRCS:

  • This is an association of rugby clubs in Singapore that is trying to grow the game at a club level. The league they run is for U10 - U18.
  • U10 and U11 is 12 aside. U12 and up is 15 aside. It is a round robin format with semi-finals and finals series, as well as a 5th and 6th play-off on finals day. It is into its 3rd year and going from strength to strength.
  • U8-U9 play mini-tournaments throughout this time as well to begin to give the younger kids some experience and build on skills they are learning, but introducing them to a competitive environment.
  • U5-U7 train each week throughout the year, playing games within the groups and some friendly matches with other clubs. Tournaments mentioned above often begin at U6 so the little ones get a chance to play at these events.
  •  Mini league games for u6-U9 from 2017, which are providing kids plenty of match experience, with longer playing times

Dragons is a fun and inclusive club for all ages, sizes and abilities. We have a strong sense of community; we celebrate fair-play and sportsmanship; but we are competitive to the core. We want to be the best but will shake hands and cheer the winners when we lose. If this sounds like something that suits you then come on down and we will see you on the field. GO GREEN, GO DRAGONS!

 Craig Norwood (Dragons Head Coach) 

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Why Dragons? Watch and see what the Junior rugby team of the week, TRC Cup 2016 (then Under 14’s now the Under 15’s) and the club president have to say.

Every Dragon gets a Icy-Bon-Bon at Training!


Dragons know how hard the children and coaches work on training day, so to say thank you, Dragons provides an Icy-Bon-Bon at the end of training for everyone.

For many of our younger players this is a big part of coming along to training.

As with everything in Dragons this wouldn't be possible without the awesome Mums helping out.

Right now we have to say a big thank you to Charne from the Under 8s and Suzette from the U10s.


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