Registration Overview

Dragons Fees

Dragons is a not-for-profit club, run with with the support and help of many amazing volunteer coaches and support staff.

Yearly fees for January to December are $550. For players joining mid-season these will be pro-rated.

New players will be required to buy a club kit $100 (comprising of a shirt, shorts and socks.) - existing players can purchase when necessary.

Payment can be made online via your registration page or cash and cheques accepted at training. Cheques should be made payable to 'Dragons Rugby Club.'

Please contact us for more information regarding our fees or kit.

Every Dragon gets an Icy-Bon-Bon at training

We know how hard and hot training can be for Dragons and Coaches, so thanks to help from a couple of our awesome mums, every dragon get a an Icy-Bon-Bon at training. Check out the under 5's about to get theirs in this video!

Get geared up!

Check you have a proper fitting mouth, see our partners Expat Dental for your free new custom one.

Check your boots!

If they don't fit bring them along to training and we will send them to UWC who distribute to NGO partners in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam amongst others. 

UWC work with 42 NGO's and many of them have sports programmes to enrich the health and confidence skills of the at risk children that they support. Your kind donation will be spread out amongst our partners according to their needs and will greatly help their programmes, allowing them to redirect some funds away from kit purchasing and into other avenues of community support.

Please do think about bringing along old boots, any sports clothes, boots, hats and water bottles you may have. It really can make a difference.

Download one of our free posters and put them up so more people can become Dragons too!