Head Coach

Craig Norwood is our Club Head Coach and is responsible for driving the coaching program and supporting coaches across the age groups


About Craig

I completed Physical Education and Science degrees at University of Otago. During my PE degree, I did a NZ Coaching Level 2 Certificate and this is where my coaching career really kicked off. I coached the U14 and U16 at Otago Boys High school (no I didn't coach Ritchie Macaw!), and I was a player coach for my U19 team from the university. I played rugby until I left NZ as a 24-year-old.

Next I played in Sweden where I was a player/coach for the Stockholm Exiles. Then kids came along and I got back into coaching with Ripper Rugby for my 5-year-old on freezing cold Saturday mornings in Wellington. From there it has not really stopped. Have spent 7 seasons coaching my daughters Netball team and joined Dragons in 2015!

My coaching philosophy is pretty simple: keep kids in sport for life. Rugby is a tough game so kids need skills to protect themselves first and then go on to thrive. Introducing core skills in the younger age groups, by developing strength and conditioning as they grow (whilst keeping them safe). Then introducing individual skills as soon as they are able handle it.

However,  the most important thing is the value of team work. I don't think there is a greater game where everyone plays their part for the collective goal. Tall or short, big or small, there is a place on the rugby field for everyone; which is what makes rugby the greatest sport in the world.


If you have any questions or comments please contact Craig on headcoach@dragonsrugbyclub.com