Dragons Rugby Club - Under 5's Years Old



(Training: Saturday 4.00pm - 5.00pm)

[Head Coach: Ben]

[Team Manager: Alex]


U5s is the youngest age group at Dragons Rugby, so this will be the first introduction to the club for many families.

This will likely be your child’s first experience getting involved in playing rugby and, as coaches, our most important job is to make sure that the U5s have FUN!

Our 60-minute sessions are a balance of skills training and games to keep the young ones engaged.

At this age, our goal is to introduce the basics of the game, catching and passing, running with the ball, communication & the concept of attack and defence. Many kids will also be experiencing a team environment for the first time and we spend time working on both individual skills and team situations. We keep things simple and repetitive, with progression on certain skills as we move on through the year. The highlights of every session are the Player of the Week Troph & icy bonbon time!

A word of advice, if you are a keen rugby parent, your enthusiasm may sometimes overshadow that of your child, we know ours did at the start! Give them time to get used to the environment. They can simply observe if they feel comfortable for the first couple of weeks sitting with Mum or Dad or doing half the activities. We're more than happy for Mum or Dad to join in to help ease their involvement into the group. We have kids of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and skills levels, and encourage anyone to come down to training and have a go.

The Dragons are a very family oriented club, all of the coaches are volunteer Mums and Dads, and we get lots of participation from parents in our sessions, which we actively encourage. The kids love it when the parents join in!

If you want to meet the U5s and have a go, bring your water bottle and come along on Saturday afternoons to UWCSEA East Campus Tampines. Training time is detailed above (please arrive 10 minutes earlier).

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the U5 Team and the Dragons Rugby Family!

Contact Under 5's@dragonsrugbyclub.com or click on ‘Registrations' to register for your free trial/s with us – you can come along three times for free.




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