Under 10's


Dragons U10's,  are those born in 2008, we train every Saturday 4.30pm - 6pm

Hi to all you kids born in 2008, well come to Dragons U10 for 2018. This is going to be a cracker year. U10 is still considered development year, so our focus remains on the kids improving their skills, not getting hurt and having lots of fun. We have 5 coaches dedicated to this job, 3 from UK, one from Singapore and me Coach Craig from NZ. Our main training is 4:30 - 6:00pm on Saturday afternoons; but we will have matches, visit other clubs have friendly games, and go to tournaments throughout the year.

Our philosophy is simple, fun, fun and more fun, with skill development and safety absolutely paramount. Still a young age so we want to teach the kids how to play the game safely so that it is always fun.

Along the way we will develop some positions for players based on their skills and attributes, but we will try to give all kids the chance to play where they like.

One of the greatest things this game can provide is the joy of being part of a team, and work hard and succeeding as a group. Succeeding does not always mean winning, so we will teach the kids why this is so important throughout the year.

Training will involve in small parts the following:

  • Fitness training
  • Strength training
  • Ball skills
  • Individual skills
  • Team play
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork


I hope this gets you excited as we have a great bunch of kids ready to welcome more to the team. Come along and give it a whirl, I hope like me your kids will be locked in for life, Rugby does that to you!

Contact us on under1o@dragonsrugbyclub.com


Coach Craig

Team manager Annette and Jenson

Coaches Craig, Jason, Andy, Dom and Joe

Under 10's Photo Gallery

Under 10's in KL Tigers 2018



U9 Vikings

Sinapore Vikings 2017

For the TRC tournament Dragons was asked to form a Barbarians team so more boys could get tournament experience...


Japanese Rugby Academy and the Under 9s 2017

Dragons will welcome the Singapore Japanese Rugby Academy children to mixed training and mini league sessions session with the U9s with the aim to grow their playing numbers and helping their teams entering tournaments.


Share your experience at Dragons, send to feedback@dragonsrugbyclub.com

we would love to hear from you.

Team Honours

U9s KL Saracens 2017

KL Saracens International rugby 10s 2017

U9’s had a good run in KL last weekend and proven themselves as fantastic tourists and strong competition for any team in the region. Now well established in the tackling game, the lads continue to prove they are tough as any team and certainly tougher than jaded Dads and coaches in the morning start.


Saturday overall was a good day, with a respectable win, draw and a loss. The loss, to KL Tigers, was down to the 2 points of a super try so in balance the lads could hold their heads high after day 1. The final pool game on Day 2 put us up against Cricket Club (SCCB) with a win to start the day and a place in the Bowl semi-finals against Valley. In a very close game, the HK boys squeezed a second try leaving us to the win over another HK team (HKFCC) for seventh overall in the tournament.  Coach Jon

U9 KL Tigers 2017

KL Tigers International Rugby 10s 2017 -  Cup Runners Up!


"U9 boys had a cracking weekend of rugby - brilliant effort, determination and team spirit led them to the finals (with plenty of shouting from the sidelines). Final score Dragons 5-7 Centaurs A." Yuey Team Manager


TRC Tournament 2017 - Plate Runner-Up

After a losing all pool games on the first day, the U9's came back and won their semi-final game against the SCC Leopards to earn them a place in the Plate finals. It was a hard fought game against Centaurs Buccaneers, with our subs rapidly dwindling due to injuries sustained on the (battle) field. The U9's finished as Plate Runner-Up. Big shout out to the coaches for all their effort and encouragement this weekend